The Tower of Prosforio is a landmark of Ouranoupoli. It is a historical Byzantine building that existed since 1344, but dates back to earlier times as it is mentioned since 1018 AD to be a glebe of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi of Mount Athos. There were also other buildings – warehouses, barns, an oil mill, wells – but today only the ‘chalkadio’ and the cooperage, located a little further, survive. In May 1379, John Palaiologos was hosted here, exempting the building from taxation. It was severely damaged during the earthquake of 1585 and was repaired. It was probably set on fire in 1821 during the suppression of the revolution in Halkidiki. However, its current form is due to reconstructions of the 19th century. In 1924, after the population exchange, refugees from Asia Minor settled in the Tower and became founders of the village. At the same time, the Australian couple Loch arrives as members of humanitarian organizations to offer help. For more than 50 years, they offered great social work to the residents of Ouranoupoli. They wrote books and took care of the Tower. Joice Loch revived the making of handmade carpets and thus provided some resources to the young women of the village. Today it functions as a visitable archaeological site while the museum is housed inside.

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