In the beautiful mountainous village of Stagira, in a park with view the bay of Ierissos, lies the "Aristotelous Alsos". The Alsos, in which Aristotle's adriat has been for many years, has been equipped with interactive instruments. These instruments apply natural phenomena for which reference is made to the work of the great Master "The Naturals".

The Alsos in its four years of operation has become a favorite destination for individual tourists and schools, since it combines fantastic entertainment with education.

  • Solar Watch:The horizontal solar watch shows the time at the point where we are. The difference with the official time is 1:25 in the summer and 0:25 in the winter. Through the curved lines, besides the time we see even the month we are in.
  • Torch:Each photon (amount of radiation energy) itself has little energy, but when it all comes together at one point this energy becomes very large.
  • Compass:Philosophy has no place, it is a worldwide and a property of humanity. Aristotelian philosophy has reached all parts of the world and is the starting point of modern scientific thinking.
  • Πεντάφωνο:Depending on the specific gravity and mass, each material produces with the percussion a different sound frequency. The 5 granites correspond to the scale of the ancient πενταφώνου.
  • Optical Discs:When images pass with high speed from the human eye, we do not perceive images as different
  • Pendulum:The energy of a system that starts the oscillation is conveyed by coupling to the other system, resulting in the width of the oscillation being reduced on the first and rising on the next.
  • Hydro Turbine:The energy given by the rotation of the lever creates the vortex in the liquid, as the rotary motion of the air creates the tornado.
  • Spheres of inertia:Momentum transfer trough the percussion of the spheres, where is maintained the momentum that transfers successively on each one even the last one.
  • Parabolic mirrors:The transported through wind sound waves reflected in the parabolic mirror and their energy is concentrated in the centre. On the reflection the same phenomenon is repeated.
  • Telescopy:With telescopes everyone can enjoy better the fantastic view of the bay of Ierissos and Athonic peninsula.

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